Shopee Affiliate Program on ACCESSTRADE Malaysia

ACCESSTRADE Malaysia has finally launched the Shopee Affiliate Program which gives entrepreneurs a new avenue to enhance their income generating abilities. ACCESSTRADE affiliate programs have been known to be among the most lucrative affiliate programs in the market and with Shopee as part of the business structure entrepreneurs can now leap into the realm of financial stability with relative ease.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Shopee

Shopee has rapidly grown to become one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia simply because the entire concept of Shopee was built on a tailor-made custom concept that fit the e-commerce characteristics of the region.  Ease of use, secure and safe and as well as rapid response time are just the tip of the iceberg as to why Shopee has become the preferred online shopping venue in the region. Shopee’s wide range of choices in regards to the products and services that range from health & beauty products, personal care, children fashion and toys, fitness equipment, consumer electronics and even home & living among others is another factor that makes Shopee the most wonderful place to shop for just about anything that one is able to imagine.

Shopee Affiliate Program Malaysia

Shopee has launched their affiliate program with ACCESSTRADE mainly due to the fact that the ACCESSTRADE platform is unlike any other affiliate programs due to a variety of factors. Thus, if the question of why choose ACCESSTRADE Affiliate network arises, the explanation to this question are as follows:

  • Accesstrade has a commendable number of registered publishers/advertisers affiliated with them this includes the big players
  • Accesstrade’s network is spanned meticulously across South East Asia
  • The potential to generate revenue is immensely based on the numerous success stories from those who have signed-up under AccessTrade
  • The platform/ application/ dashboard is user-friendly, secure, well managed and supported anytime, anywhere
  • Marketing materials, training and guidance is provided throughout the process that includes tips and tricks on how merchants and publishers could perform better with their campaigns
  • Commission rates are competitive
  • Not only are there tools available to test, measure and track affiliate links, but there are also tools that help affiliates seek out the best best-selling products, identify markets and promote specific products using specific traffic sources apart from blast campaigns that give access to numerous other networks and platforms
  • By comparison, it is the best affiliate marketing option in not just Malaysia, but the entire South East Asia
  • No advance payment

Conversion Flow

The conversion flow is quite simple given the fact that it is based on a three-step process which is as follows:

  • User clicks on the publishers’ link posted in social media account/YouTube/website
  • The user visits the advertiser’s site and makes a purchase (within the cookie time frame)
  • User pays and receives purchase successfully
  • For every successful conversion, advertiser will pay to publishers some commissions

If ever there was a method to make money online in Malaysia, affiliate marketing in Malaysia is as good an option as any, if not better!

How to Register

To register with ACCESSTRADE just follow the three simple steps below and become an affiliate instantly.

How to get ahead with ACCESSTRADE’s Shopee affiliate campaign – Tips & Tricks

  • Seek out the best-selling products and promote them to maximise revenue
  • Seek out the most active markets and push products that fall within the market category
  • Use traffic sources to your advantage as they are the best avenues to promote products
  • Use the tools provided to test, measure and track affiliate links to ensure that your campaigns remain relevant
  • Stay informed by conducting research on market trends and the demand aspects of product
  • Utilise blast campaigns to get your message across to all network and platforms effectively and efficiently

Success Stories

Here are some success stories from those who have achieved their financial goals via Shopee Malaysia Affiliate Campaign

Sara, Age 29

  • Sara does affiliate marketing with ACCESSTRADE only part time to enhance her auxiliary income and has been maintaining a total sales average of between RM5k – RM10k each month and earns between RM1k – RM1.5k per month in commissions. This became possible only after she managed to increase the number of followers on the very first day that she started with Shopee affiliate due to the significant exposure and opportunities gained from the program.

Hassan, Age 24

  • Hassan managed to hit RM 200,000 in sales by linking with promo & voucher sites that support Shopee. Hassan believes that content is a critical success factor and earns between RM10k – RM30k per month.

If Sara & Hassan can do it, so can you because ACCESSTRADE manages a wide list of campaigns that are associated with some of the biggest brand names which include among others AEON, Berjaya Sompo Insurance, LAZADA, Kinokuniya,, Japan Premium, ZALORA, AIRBNB, OYO, ALLYOUNG Malaysia apart from Shopee is also a definite plus point because when options are varied, so are the opportunities. Everything about ACCESSTRADE’s business model and components such as its dashboard, caps and approval process is made to be simple and easy to use. ACCESSTRADE is practically blazing an entirely new trail within the scope of affiliate marketing models which is rapidly evolving and changing the landscape of e-commerce globally. This leaves all of us with a single question that we should ask and answer ourselves: Do we want to follow a leader or follow a follower?

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