5 Items That Will Make Your Work-From-Home More Comfortable

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While many Malaysians are back to work, there are many who are still working from home due to COVID-19 and Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) restrictions. Some are spending half the work week at office and the remaining half at home. The 3 months of work-from-home from March until June showed us the importance of a comfortable work set up at home.

Here are 5 items that will make your work-from-home more comfortable. What’s more, you wouldn’t be suffering from back aches and headaches at the end of a long work day.

Laptop table

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Working from home means you have to be flexible with your work space since you will be sharing your home with your working spouse and studying kids. Your kids will need to use the room for their online lessons while you and your spouse might be having video calls at the same time!

The best way is to create adjustable and portable work space. The laptop table will allow you to work in the kitchen, bedroom, balcony, and patio. You can work on the bed or while sitting down on the floor. You will be able to be flexible without jeopardising your work.


Air humidifier/diffuser

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Since you will be indoors most of the time, you might be feeling the blues or worse dryness. Air humidifiers help to reduce the dryness which in turn will prevent throat and skin dryness. Additionally, if you use aromatherapy diffuser, you will be able to enjoy added benefits.

Adding essential oil to your diffuser can stimulate your limbic system and affect your brain accordingly. For instance, peppermint essential oil boosts energy and aids digestion, lavender relieves stress, sandalwood calms nerves and helps to focus, chamomile improves mood and reduces anxiety while tea tree fights infections and boosts immunity.


Table Lamp

Source: Shopee

Good lighting will improve your work efficiency. Working under poor lighting may cause headaches and migraines. Prior to the Movement Control Order (MCO), you might not have been working for long hours at home and hence, your lighting might not be suited for working.

An easy solution would be to use a table lamp!


Work Desk

Source: Shopee

There is only so much time you can spend working on the floor, on your bed, on the kitchen table, on the dining table, and in the living room. Improper posture and ergonomics will lead to body pains and affect focus. There might be other family members who use the space at all times too.

Hence, creating a proper work space with an efficient work table is crucial to ensure your work and its quality doesn’t suffer!


Work chair

Source: Shopee

Backaches, headaches, leg swelling are all problems that will arise if you are not using the right work chair. Ergonomically effective chair will put you at ease, your posture right and your focus intact. Invest in a quality work chair to improve the quality of your life while working from home.


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