Where To Buy Top 5 Running Shoes In Malaysia

Source: Freepik

Runners are determined people with great will power. Personal goals and running schedules can only be made smooth with a pair of great running shoes. If you choose mediocre running shoes with poor design, your running sessions will be a nightmare.

Choosing high quality running shoes which provide you adequate comfort and top-notch support will make you go the extra mile without straining your body!

Here are the top 5 running shoes in Malaysia!

Reebok Bridge 3.0 Retro Men And Women Running Shoes

Source: Shopee

This pair of running shoes are perfect for those who like retro vibes and prefer shoes the old way without any frills and fancies. The outer material is suede and mesh while the inner material is textile. Lace up and you are all set to go on a good old-fashioned run!

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Skechers Mesh Breathable Men Running Shoes

Source: Shopee

These sleek running shoes have the waffle exterior texture to provide grip, comes with an anti-collision toe cap, and has a mesh that makes it breathable, light, and comfortable. Apart from that, the midsole is lightweight and the soft cushioning of the shoe makes it light and comfortable.

If you are looking for a trendy looking running shoe in Malaysia that serves the function with top notch comfort, this is for you!

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Asics Gel-Kayano Running Shoes

Source: Shopee

For runners with specific cushioning requirements to protect the feet and knee while running, Skechers’ Gel-Kayano is the perfect choice. It uses Fluid Fit Upper and Gradient Mesh to make it more comfortable while you run. The front foot and the heel is equipped with Gel glue that cushions your feet and reduces the impact when you land.


Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoes

Source: Shopee

Fuse fashion with your running passion with this pair of running shoes. Apart from looking trendy, these shoes are flexible, breathable and supportive. The areas of support provide reinforcement and will keep your run smooth and empowering.

The mesh upper will also repel moisture and as it comes with flexible cushioning, you will feel comfortable and light. Additionally, the rubber sole will provide sound traction in wet conditions, so you can enjoy your run in the rain without fears of slipping.


Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Running Shoes

Source: Shopee

Combine technology with running shoes and you will get amazing running shoes like the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit. The VaporMax Air technology will give you toe-to-heel cushioning and a lightweight feel. Meanwhile, the Flyknit upper will provide breathability, stretch and support. The contoured cushioning sits directly underfoot and will flex with your stride.

All in all, this pair of running shoes is a dream come true for those who are determined to beat their personal records.


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