Easy And Affordable Home Decor Ideas To Transform Your Home

Source: Pexel

Home decoration and improvements are often said to be expensive and can only be done with big budgets. Messy, expensive and time consuming are the general misconceptions when it comes to home upgrade.

On the contrary, home decor projects can be affordable and easy. All you need is the right home decor products to elevate the look and feel of any space in your home. With proper planning, all you need is a weekend of ‘Home Transformation Project’ and you will have a different and energising space before Monday!

Here are some of the products that you can order and deliver right to your doorstep to kickstart your ‘Home Transformation Project’.

1.   Rattan basket for indoor plants

Source: Lazada

Indoor plants are great for aesthetics and to improve the indoor air quality. Having a handful of low maintenance leafy plants at home will make your home look and feel fresh. Plants have always been a great decor for any space at home.

The trick here is to find an equally aesthetic basket or holder. The rattan basket exudes an original vibe that will go along with any colour or theme of your home right now.


2.   Wall sticker

Source: Lazada

A cheaper and artful alternative to repainting your home is using wall stickers. Repainting a space will surely give it a new look but painting takes a lot of time and energy, and is costly. On the other hand, wall stickers are extremely cheap and they can lighten up a space faster than any painting job.

The key is to choose the right wall sticker to suit the tone and vibe of your space. For instance, calming wall stickers are suitable for bedrooms while vibrant wall stickers are perfect for the kitchen or living room!


3.   Sofa covers

Source: Lazada

Sofa can be very expensive to replace and if you have been using the same one for a long time, you might be considering to purchase a new one. A worn out or torn sofa makes the living room look unappealing.

A great alternative would be to use sofa covers. These sofa covers come in various designs and shapes giving you options to choose a totally different vibe than your current living room decor. Once you are done putting it on your old sofa, it will look as good as new and your wallet will still be intact!


4.   Lights

Source: Lazada

The first thing you should check when you think of transforming your home is the lights. Over time, some lights fade out and make your living room dim. What’s worse, you might not even realise it and get used to it.

Hence, check the lights and best if you change them to brighten your space up and amp up the decor a little.


5.   Carpet

Source: Lazada

Carpets, rugs and mats bring a sense of warmth to a space. Choose the right design, colour and material for the carpets to get the best out of them. If it is for your bedroom, choose a soft material while a contemporary design will look great for your living room!


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